Special offer for Dealers and Interior Designers

Get up to 50% Off from our Retail prices if you get approved.

We directly import most of our product from all over the world and we provide you with the best prices in market. We select all our products from millions of other products and bring the unique items with the high-end quality and the best price to you. Do not miss this opportunity and apply now. Applying for this offer takes you less than 2 minutes and can save you thousands of thousands dollar when you buy more. We also accept custom orders which means we can make you any kind of furniture pieces if you give us the design or a picture of it. Entertainments, chairs, bar, bar stool, hand-carved furniture, bookcases, etc. all can be custom made with Mahogany wood and you can order only a piece up to few containers. For more example of custom orders you can refer to our Hand-Carved Mahogany Collection.